Mookaite Point - Mookaite Necklace

Mookaite Point - Mookaite Necklace

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Buy now! This is a one-of-a-kind-piece.

This necklace features a 5 piece mookiate pendant and has been accented using matching mookaite beads. The overall length of the piece is 21 inches.  The colorful, earthy tones and organic shapes give this piece an airy, natural, peaceful feeling.   Nature is not boring and your jewelry pieces don’t have to be either.  Look good, while loving life…

Benefits of this Necklace

Mookiate.  Mookaite originates from Australia and is said to encourage new experiences and keeps a balance with external activities and internal response.  It gives deep calm while encouraging versatility.  Hold while meditating to increase flexibility and to see several solutions to problems.

Product made and shipped from Canada.

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