Sea Glass Necklaces Made With Argentium Silver

We start with genuine surf-tumbled pieces and with our proprietary process, make them even more special by adding a twist of handcrafted color behind the glass. These colorized pieces are then set in a handmade 935 Argentium silver bezel and a simple sterling silver chain is added for your immediate enjoyment. Some of our pieces are wire wrapped, and complimented with semi-precious stones. It is our wish that if something has caught our eye, it will catch yours too.  We will be adding new products all the time, so check back often.

So what is the difference between Argentium silver and sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a popular alloy in jewellery making, which comprises of a mixture of 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% made up of other alloys, usually copper. Argentium however, contains a greater amount of pure silver depending on the grade (935 which contains 93.5% pure silver, or 960 which contains 96% pure silver), with the remainder being made up of other alloys, such as a small amount of germanium.

This unique addition of germanium gives Argentium silver beneficial attributes such as improved durability and it is also 7 times more tarnish resistant that sterling silver.

We offer many different pieces in the colors shown below. Click on each image to expand the style selection.